About Us

Turismo e Servizi S.r.l., was born in 2013 by combining and combining the years of experience that members had matured in the field of incoming within their own companies. Strong from this experience and from the fact that our company has become a point of reference for the main National Tour Operators in terms of welcome and tourist assistance, in the year 2015 we were made available to the Municipality of Pozzuoli, together To other partners at the opening of the Archaeological Path setting up and managing the welcome and guided tours within the TERRA E MARE Project in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence of Naples.

Subsequently, thanks to the results achieved, the same Municipality of Pozzuoli to guarantee and continue the opening of the Archaeological Path in August 2016 entrusts us as the leader in collaboration with the other partners the hosting service, guided tours, accompanying And vigilance. On January 5, 2017, the Archaeological Superintendence of Naples entrusts us, through the M.E.P.A, to the Archeological Route Management Services, with a project named ANEMOS, for the Valorization of the Archaeological Sites of the Flegrei Fields. From 1 July 2017, thanks to the experience gained during the two years of management, we are able to express the best offer by public tender through the M.E.PA. For the management of the Archaeological Path.

Turismo e Servizi srl
Via Raimondo Annecchino, 244
80078 – Pozzuoli (Na)