Archaeological route of Rione Terra in Pozzuoli.

The Roman town hidden in the belly of the 17th Century one.

Walking through the portal of Palazzo De Fraja-Frangipane time seems to stop, inviting the visitor to live a backward journey. Through this portal it is possible to access the old Puteoli of 194 BC, walking along the “decumanus maximus” up to the intersection with the so-called “cardo” of San Procolo, having the chance to fully enter into the life and environment of those times, thanks to the help of multimedia reproductions: the vibrant atmosphere of the harbor, the customs and habits of the Roman age, surrounded by a volcanic nature that perturbs the Earth: the visitor will be catapulted on a fantastic trip around the Roman city, port of the Mediterranean sea in the Augustan age, hidden in the belly of the 16th Century city.